Does the program have a restaurant or other outlets that serves the public?

Most of today’s programs have an on site restaurant that serves the public. The experience gained in this environment is in many cases the students' first taste of being in production. It shows that the school is proud of the food and students that it can produce. If a program does not offer this I would suggest looking elsewhere, unless you are already a seasoned line cook.


  • How many Chef Instructors are there?
  • How many are ACF certified CCE's (Certified Culinary Educators) or other ACF or professional organization certifications?
  • What are the resumes of the Chef Instructors like?
  • Optimally at least 7 years of industry experience with 5 years of fine dining experience as a Working Chef. (In a specialty area such as Garde Manger, they should have similar experience in that area.)
  • How long is has the average faculty member been on staff?
  • Are student instructors used in place of faculty or does faculty teach all classes?

Other Resources and Issues

  • Is there a good library with a comprehensive collection of culinary resources?
  • Is there a placement office with a good selection of entry-level positions in quality establishments? Do employers also post middle and upper level positions with the office for alumni?
  • Is there an alumni program?
  • Is the school part of the community? Does it participate in local cultural and service events?
  • Is there a computer lab with Internet access?
  • If it is a boarding program are there student activities and fitness facilities available?
  • Do they offer field trips to culinary related facilities?
  • Is there a Financial Aid office that has leads on not only loans but scholarship opportunities for students. (A red flag is a Financial Aid Office that just offers you loan papers from their "special" lender.