Consider an ACF Certified Apprenticeship Program!


  • Receive mentoring from an ACF-certified or certifiable chef
  • Participate in an “earn while you learn” approach
  • Develop real-world skills based on job experience
  • Pursue career paths that provide long term financial security
  • Receive nationally recognized credentials upon completion
  • Develop documented culinary skills that are transferable
    Note: Source The ACF Apprenticeship Brochure

I believe that this is by far the best way to get your culinary education.  Not only do you  get the ability to present a resume with real world experience,  instead of just a diploma or certificate you get a degree and get paid as well.  Here is a link to a Map of the ACF Apprenticeship program locations.


I have given you a lot of different issues to investigate and evaluate before you choose a program. Will your program fulfill ALL of these issues?  In the past there were only on or two but now there are many programs that do but today you have many choices. You have to evaluate your own needs, family responsibilities, finances and your ability to travel to a program that fits your needs. Make a check list of the issues that are important to you and compare the different programs that you are able to attend and make your own, now hopefully educated decision.

Do you have a recommendation for a particular school, anything to add that I missed or comments on a program you attended; we’d all love to hear them!