Why you should not post a public resume on line-

by George Cook

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Identity Theft-
If you post your resume in a job bank do you really have any idea of who is looking at your resume? In most cases no. Anyone can purchase access to these databases and have access to any private information you have posted.

Is your resume a perfect fit for the position an employer is looking to fill?
Probably not. Your resume should be tailored to the requirements of a particular position, emphasizing qualities that fit the requirements of that position and deemphasizing or even eliminating unrelated positions. You are much better off tweaking your resume to fit a particular position and then submitting it.

Is your current employer looking through resumes on line?
Many times owners, managers and HR departments will be looking for new hires and searching through resumes. Do you think they will be happy seeing you have your resume out there? I don't think so.

If you do decide to post online ask yourself these questions-

  • Can I control who sees my resume? Some sites offer the opportunity to hide your resume and only have it shown to an employer whose ad you have responded to.
  • Can I post an anonymous resume? (see "Create a Generic Resume" below)
  • Can you log in and change your resume or delete it at any time?

How do I safely post on line?

When you do decide to reply to an on line ad use an anonymous response and a generic resume (see below) on first contact if there is any question of who the employer is. Maintain control of the dialogue. Don't positively identify yourself until you are confident that the people you are contacting are who they say they are. If someone says they are from Hilton or Restaurant Associates etc. their e-mail address should reflect that company's name.

Recruiters should be using a domain name that represents their company. Check their website to see if there is contact information there. Call them. A personal contact will help your resume be noticed and establishing a relationship will help the chances that the recruiter will submit your resume to their client.

Beware of Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail addresses. These are often throwaway addresses that can be used by anyone.

Create a Generic Resume

A generic resume gives an overview of your education, previous employment, skills, job functions and other qualifications while protecting your identity.


  • If you graduated from a certain large Culinary Arts program like the Culinary Institute say so but don't give the date.
  • If you graduated from a small community program use something generic like Graduate of Certified (or Accredited) Culinary Program
  • Include that you are a High School or College graduate but do not give the date of graduation or the name of the school.
  • Do not list the specific employers or the dates you worked. Instead list the type of employer ie- Major Hotel or White Tablecloth or Fine Dining Restaurant. List your duties and responsibilities using action words.
  • List awards generically and with out a date or event.

Isn't this a lot of work, especially if I apply to a lot of ads?

Not really any more. (anyone out there old enough to remember doing resumes on a typewriter?)

Take these few simple, basic steps to get yourself started. Most of us are familiar with word processors and how to use them:

  • Create a complete resume that lists all of your information and save it.
  • " Create a new copy of that resume and go through it making it a generic resume as shown above. Save it.
  • " When you find a position you are interested in modify the generic resume to emphasize how you can fill that specific positions requirements. Save it and name is so you can identify what made that resume unique.
  • " Copy and paste that resume into the job application form.
  • " Over time you will develop a collection of specialty resumes that your can submit to specific job types.

A couple of final thoughts-

  • NEVER EVER give your Social Security number, Date of Birth or Drivers license number or any other private information on line. Wait until you have interviewed with a real person and have been offered a position.
  • In the past employers might not have understood or appreciated a prospective hire taking these types of security measures. Today I feel they display a maturity and sense of self worth that a quality employer would respect and value. If they do not do you really want to work for them?

Good luck with your job search!

George Cook
Escoffier On Line