Has Your Head Been Hunted Lately? Working with Recruiters in Your Job Search

My clients often ask me for referrals to a good “headhunter.” After a little Q&A on the subject, I often find that my clients often think of recruiters as “jobs dispensers” or in other words, a magical shortcut around the plain old hard, boring, and frightening work of a job search.

Connecting with a headhunter is simply not an easy way out. Here’s how it doesn’t work: You find a great headhunter, they present your resume to the dozens of open job requisitions they have, and a few smooth interviews later, you are hired. Wouldn’t that be nice? Who wouldn’t want to work with a headhunter? I know I would! Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way for the vast majority of people.

After working with recruiters for years, and working as one for the past few years, here is what I know about recruiters:

Cruise Ship Employment - 6 Common Questions Demystified
Here are the questions most people interested in cruise ship employment want answered:

1. How long will it take Me to get a Job On a Cruise Ship?
You can get hired within days, weeks or months from the time you send out your first application. However, as with any job, the time it will take you will depend on the position you're applying for and the current demand for that position.

A lot will also depend on whether or not you put enough EFFORT into applying for these positions. It goes without saying; Your chance of success is greatly enhanced if you spend time and attention on putting together excellent applications and sending out as many as possible. The process will speed up dramatically if you have the right contacts.

Cruise Ship Job Applications - Target Them Correctly

It is absolutely key to prepare thoroughly in order to get your cruise ship job application noticed.  By preparing well, you can speed up the application process and find yourself landing your dream job sooner than you thought.

Firstly, when you are applying, you should do some in depth research. It is amazing how many people do not research the cruise line companies before making their applications, and this puts them at a real disadvantage. But of course this will also put you at a considerable advantage if you take the time to research the company first.

What If You Receive More Than One Offer For a Job?

More than one offer – caught off guard

In a tight job market multiple offers sounds too good to be true. So, what's the problem? Choose the one that pays the most and move on. Wrong! If you don't take time to evaluate the offers you could find yourself right back in job search within a short time.
Pat began his job search two months ago with minimum responses. He had interviews, even second and third interviews, but no offers. Then, all of a sudden, within one week, two companies called and made good offers. He is taken by surprise and caught off guard.
How does he go about choosing the right one? He needs to get back to work and start paying off some bills, but he is anxious about the present economy. Which of these companies is going to survive and even thrive? He's done his research and knows the backgrounds of the companies, but there is something missing. Something he needs to do before he makes his decision.