Is your Dream Job on Hold? Here's A Wake Up Call

Happy New Year! If one of your resolutions for the New Year was to take a quantum leap forward in your career path, congratulations. There has never been a better time to position yourself for the next step up. The nature of our relationships with employers has changed radically and forever, and so has the number and types of opportunities available. Even as companies struggle to compete in a fast-forward global economy, the average job seeker's prospects for building skills and earnings have never been better.

Wake up! The first step to rapid career evolution is to focus on your dream job, and chuck what you currently think of as "reality." That's right. Many people don't even know what their ultimate career goal is. Even when people have an idea of their dearest career dreams, they often don't pursue them.

Why not? Usually, people tell me they cannot possibly attain their dream jobs, with Eeyore-like litanies on "reality," saying things like "there aren't many jobs for someone who does what I do," or "if I change careers now, there'll be a learning curve and I won't be able to make the same money I do now," or "I'm too old," or "I don't have the degree," and on, and on, and on. Occasionally, they cite employment trends and statistics. Of course, none of this alleged reality matters at all. The reason people don't progress as far as they'd like in their careers is that they don't nurture their dreams... they rationalize them to death.

Get Real. You are one person looking for one job, therefore trends do not apply to you. Want to find that dream job? Then you need to know exactly what it is that you want, in excruciating detail. Get behind your dream, get enthusiastic, and get support. Talk to people who are living your dream already. Join professional organizations. Turn off the television and surf the net. Research your next step and network your fingers off! Ask for advice and you'll get it. Create a strategy and begin to implement it. By focusing on your dream job, you'll create a new reality for yourself, one that impacts every facet of your life.

Many thanks to Tracy Laswell Williams for this article.
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