Is your Dream Job on Hold? Here's A Wake Up Call

Happy New Year! If one of your resolutions for the New Year was to take a quantum leap forward in your career path, congratulations. There has never been a better time to position yourself for the next step up. The nature of our relationships with employers has changed radically and forever, and so has the number and types of opportunities available. Even as companies struggle to compete in a fast-forward global economy, the average job seeker's prospects for building skills and earnings have never been better.

Staying Up in a Long-Drawn-Out Job Search

No doubt about it, job searching can be a draining, emotionally gut-wrenching, and depressing experience. The world as you know it hangs in the balance throughout a long, anxiety-ridden jaunt through the unknown. As a job search expert, a big part of what I do is help clients stay "up" emotionally throughout the process. I feel for you! So here are some thoughts on how to stay up during an extended job search, contributed by real live job seekers like yourself:

Creating Job Security in the New Millennium

What does the phrase "job security" mean to you? Twenty-five years ago, job security meant finding a position in a good company, showing up on time, and performing one's duties reasonably well. Advancement within the ranks was also fairly predictable.

When I hear people use the phrase "job security," and I think they believe in this career phenomenon of days gone by, I begin to wonder about their views on Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

Most of us know the definitions of terms like downsizing, rightsizing, restructuring, temping, and outplacement... and we have some idea that the buy-outs, mergers, and bellies-up that businesses experience have something to do with a rapidly evolving global economy. Many of us, working hard at "good companies" don't fully grasp what this means to our careers until it's too late.