Many of us look forward to a wonderful experience and pleasurable food when we go out to eat, especially when celebrating a special occasion, it's as simple as making a reservation and spending the time of our lives and enjoying every moment there is to cherish with a significant other or even alone, feeling the nourishment that food brings into our daily lives. It's a simple concept to understand, but what we over look is asking ourselves where all of this comes from? and how is it made possible? There are people in this world, given the talent, that do this for a living, and make it their purpose in life and it's where things get more complex. What a chef to you is someone who is intelligent and creative, who creates food from their sou driven from experience and culture, but what is really going on in those mind's behind that unimaginably claustrophobic kitchen line? what truly lies in between the walls of a professional kitchen? I'm sure if you watch the food network it all seems too easy and perfect, but the truth is that on our side, it is more comparable to a battle field rather than the relaxing experience that one feels in the dining room.

Being a Chef a lifestyle rather than a job or looking forward to a paycheque. As much as it seems like hell in a kitchen filled with heavily sweating bodies running around swearing as we like to call it our "language", its more than that. It's more than a plate of food coming to your table, it's more than the server who has a fake smile while trying to figure out how to make time go by as fast as they can in order to get ****faced for the night. How about the cooks? How about the Chef? and how about the hard working farmers or the millions of hard working employees in the many food producing manufacturing companies like Maple leaf or Tyson? ...To one it may seem all too simple to overlook the logistics of a restaurant. Do we really understand the concept and why we cooks do what we do? Cooking is a beautiful thing, and in no means am I trying to put down home cooks in any way, but next time you cook dinner think about having to do that 50 times over, and that's the challenge that your ordinary cook working at a casual dining establishment is faced with every shift. Why we do this? we do it because its our "safe zone", and we do it because there's a unique connection with nature and food, along with the  hectic environment of a professional kitchen, that actually gets our adrenaline going. This may sound crazy to you but its what we feed on every day of our lives, because nature will always be something that anyone can connect to for comfort. It's what makes our lives, the ethics of mad handling, and the very fact that we can bring our emotions out into a form of art which people sometimes take for granted and don't understand where this undying passion for imagination comes from. Us chefs, we truly do not care about the reservation book, what matters is what were faced with on a daily basis, and what matters is being able to explore the science of what we are actually doing and striving to understand the beauty of every ingredient we discover.