It's much easier to express our emotions when we're in our "safe zone", a place where nothing matters, and a place where we have control over mother natures gifts that makes us want to test our imagination, and prove that we have the talent to make a masterpiece. Through this unique form of art, and God given talent, we can too express ourselves. We can too be the one's that appreciate what's important to us, its the only thing we really know and understand. There's a complex hiearchy that we live and experience day in day out, and it only gets harder when your not there. Think about a painter's palette, and that's our tongue. Think about a soldier's armour, and that's our whites. Think about the first time you ever experienced a playground, and that's our kitchen. Think about the first time you got a present for christmas, and that's what we feel when we see a perfect ingredient. Why this much? why this far? why this unreal dimension of appreciation for something so simple? because it's what every experience in life taught us, that doing something you love will always, and forever stay with you. There is very little that we have control of, but the minute we step onto our "stage" and have the freedom of expressing what we don't know how to express in the real word, that's when it makes sense. It's where we can be the superstars behind the pain, when we can take something and express our complex emotions into a dish you pay an arm and a leg for. Come on, im sure the last time you ate out you've probably stared more at the price rather than the menu itself.

So what is it really about the perfect stainless steel and powerful equipment that get's us exited? What is it about bringing like minds together, and creating what you see as a menu at the other end? It is simply a place where every cook understands each other. It's where we can look at each other and read our movements, its where you take the "un" out of unreal and its where we can stay behind the scenes and show the world what we can do. Appreciation is one thing, but do you really understand the underestimated minds of those artists? When you meet a Chef, it may seem like the only thing him/or her is interested in is themselves, its true we're quite arrogant, but the truth is we all have a story. We all have something inside of us that needs to be expressed, and we all have had a life of hardship that only eases when we see that smile on your face for appreciating our form of art. have you ever sat there pouring your heart over your favourite song? have you ever found yourself gazing at a picture and saying to yourself, "this is unbelievably amazing"?  Then the next time you experience great food, think about it like there's a twisted artist standing behind those swinging doors. Our lifestyles don't get much more exiting other than looking forward to a drink and being able to talk to one another about our experiences of the day, there isn't many people ready to wind down after work at 2am anyways, but guess what? We wake up and go right back to it. Many are controversial about food being a craft or a form of art. It is surely a mix of both, the craft is in our hands, and nature, along with the science gastronomy brings us the creations that make the first impressions of a well constructed dish possible. Trust me, its only a couple of squeeze bottles and some fascinating innovative tools that make our industry do what it is capable of doing today. Ever heard of molecular gastronomy?