- We all cherish having friends, people who are there for us; they have our back and our best interests at heart. Unfortunately, chefs have little time outside of work for sustainable friendships and even though being friendly with your staff is the right policy, becoming friends with them can backfire at some point. In the end, chefs can be lonely people.
It is quite common for cooks and chefs to fail to see the importance of the service staff. Many cooks view the service staff as the problem, rather than understanding the significant role they play in building and retaining customers. The chef must be the liaison between front and back of the house. Part of the chef’s job is to educate both sides about the value each group provides and put out fires when they start to blaze. Chefs know how important the service staff is to the guest experience.

- There is an established adage in business, “The customer is always right.” The chef understands the premise, but knows the guest isn’t always right; in fact, they are oftentimes wrong. When a cook rises to the level of chef it becomes important to understand that even when a customer is wrong, they are right. Our job is to serve. The only exception is when guests are rude or condescending to staff members. When this happens, every chef and manager should have the authority to fire a guest. The Ritz Carlton Hotel Group has it right when they state as part of their credo: “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.” Both parties have a responsibility in this regard.

- Simply said, the lowest form of human life. Critics, unlike a balanced reviewer, are far too often, people who do not have the skills or knowledge to do what you do, but love to criticize others for doing it in a way they don’t agree with. Too many people listen to critics without giving the restaurant a chance to demonstrate what their food and service is all about. Unfortunately, with the advent of social media sites, everyone can be a critic and express their opinion to thousands with a click of the mouse. This drives chefs crazy.