Are You One of Them?

Who are they? They are a large percent of the workforce and as a group wield a great deal of influence and power. They work within all areas of the hospitality industry. There is no socioeconomic, gender, educational or physical requirements to be one of them. All you have to do is show up for work everyday, it’s that easy. Most of them feel that the world owes them a living. And that by virtue of their presence, the majority of their daily responsibilities have already been completed. The fact that they are doing their job at any level should be enough to satisfy anyone who dares to question their intent or the competency of their work. The sad part is that most of the group had big dreams earlier in their careers. Many had the potential to rise through the ranks and even to become leaders but some how lost their way.

I say it’s never too late! Escoffier published Ma Cuisine in his late eighties. Surely you can put a little more effort into what you do and get back on track; it’s a new year that comes with new challenges. There will be upward and sometimes outward movement within the ranks creating new opportunities, are you prepared to capitalize on them? Don’t let opportunity pass you by. Take the “Are You One of Them Test” to get an honest assessment of your status and how rank and file may perceive you.

*The Are You One of Them Test*

• Do you consistently show up exactly or slightly after your daily scheduled start time?

• Does your day often seem like it will never end?

• Are your breaks more important to you then getting your work completed?

• Do you ignore the needs of others in favor of completing your own daily agenda even when you have the time and ability to assist others?

• Do you turn a blind eye to the incompetency of others when you have the knowledge or skill to correct them?

• Do you walk past spills, debris on floor, out of place equipment, a spotty glass on a set table etc. never intending to contribute to the overall organizational efforts?

• Do you prefer keeping ideas for improvement to yourself, hoping to save it for your next job or the right opportunity to look good?

• Do you choose your daily level of productivity based on how you feel that day?

• Were you once a candidate for advancement before you became one of them?

• Did you once have a dream to become an executive chef, manager or even an owner?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, see a career counselor. Life’s to short, find a job you like and even love, you will be much happier, productive and successful.