Staying Committed

It’s been some time since I have posted on EOL or should I say the Original EOL, glad to be back. Staying committed to excellence is essential to ongoing upward mobility or maybe even gainful employment. I see people with so much potential who never advance or develop as leaders in their disciplines. They wonder why this person or that person always gets the breaks; they blame the system for their failures and hold contempt for those who quickly move through the ranks.

After 30+ years in the industry, I am still optimistic about the future of our industry and have noticed a rebound in opportunities for chefs at all levels of experience and backgrounds. The only thing holding most people back are their unwillingness to seek avenues for self-development. Most are unwilling to make sacrifices without an immediate payback. There are many ways to develop new skills while gaining valuable experience. Seek out continuing education classes, join the ACF, volunteer to work at Charity events; there are usually talented chefs involved willing to share their knowledge. Whatever you choose, if you do nothing, you will probably get nothing.