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Chef Lenny Ventura

Executive Chef at Dolce Hotels & Resorts, Dallas/Fort Worth

Chef Lenny VenturaChef Ventura is originally from Chicago where he spent almost 20 years at the Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons. Chef Ventura is a big fan of "The Publican” in Chicago where Executive Chef/Partner Paul Kahan cooks up an eclectic menu inspired by simple farmhouse fare in a space evocative of a European beer hall. Chef Ventura’s favorite dishes would be the Sardine with Tessa, Parmesan-Breadcrumbs & Harissa as well as the Porchetta, which is made with Pesto, Rapini & Pine Nuts. Chef Ventura states don’t miss the Mission Figs, Potato Fry Bread, Crescenza Cheese & Aged Balsamic. Chef Ventura also likes Alinea and states that the seasonal tasting menu is to die for. On a local Dallas-Fort Worth note, one place he likes to go is called the Rodeo Goat, great local beers and great burgers; his favorite burger is the Whiskey Burger.