OK, in making Stuffed Cabbage or what we call " Hiluiki", I know you steam the cabbage, but after it is all done the cabbage is to tuff! What can be done to tender up the cabbage? We have noticed that after letting it set over night and reheating it the cabbage is much more tender than it was the night before! This is the recipe we use. What can we add or do to make cabbage tender?
Thank You For Your Time and Wisdome!
Rev. Michael Hagan

Stuff Cabbages


1 ½ lbs beef

Med. Onion

Whole clove of garlic

Boil 1 bag of rice


Steam cabbage


Mix beef, onion,

Garlic and rice together

Roll in cabbage

Put in pot then add 3 big cans of tomato sauce


Cook in oven at 350 for 1 ½ hours


Very good food