Event Planning Ideas for a Corporate Holiday Party

I know the corporate holiday party season is winding down this week but I wanted to run by some corporate party ideas for you to think about for next year and quickly review some of the event planning ideas that need careful execution for corporate events.

I always find it best to theme corporate events.  It helps create a focus for the event's invitation, menu, design and entertainment.  Creating a themed corporate holiday party also gives the guests an opportunity to participate.

Event planning ideas I have used in the past for corporate events include a traditional Yuletide Holiday, a Cirque Holiday, a Moroccan Holiday and a Hot Havana Nights Holiday celebration.  After reviewing these corporate party ideas with my client, we decided to theme our event A Night at the Kasbah based upon a Moroccan holiday theme.

How to Use Budget Catering with Christmas Party Food

The holiday party season is here so what I thought I would do is suggest some party appetizer ideas for your Christmas party food.  What you want to keep in mind to maintain a low-cost budget catering menu is to incorporate easy finger foods along with your holiday buffet.

Green-Themed Cocktail Party Menu

More demands are made daily for party planners to create green events and using disposable dinnerware is an easy decision to make when considering green event items for your next event.  Also, what many party planners are beginning to realize is how easy it is to incorporate the green movement within their corporate parties, weddings and private events.  In my book, Budget Bash - Simply Fabulous Events on a Budget, I discuss how easy it is when producing events to reduce, recycle and reuse various components of an event.  Dust off those candles that you used for a previous engagement.  People forget that many party items have lots of life for more than just one event.   You can use a colored linen overlay over the same table linen you used at your previous event.  Many times you can use a basic colored linen of black, silver or gold and then change the look and tone of the event with a new table runner or contrasting colored overlay linen on top of it.

Event Deacutecor and Special Event Lighting

No matter if it is a wedding, Mitzvah or corporate event, event lighting is a crucial element of event deacutecor. Many times, special event lighting will make or break an event.  What I thought I would do is provide you with some event planning ideas for event décor to include on your event planning checklist.

You can create any type of atmosphere using event lighting.  Special event lighting can be a relatively inexpensive use of event décor and will enable you to turn a tent into a Louisiana bayou or a warehouse into a circus.  With special event lighting anything is possible including projecting images onto scrims or walls.

One of the event planning ideas I give to my clients is to project their names with a gobo (metal disc that is used with a Leiko light to project an image) onto a dance floor, wall or ceiling.  Using gobos, especially for weddings and mitzvahs, is a fun event décor idea that calls attention to the couple or child being honored at the event.

Party Suggestions for Holiday Catering

'Tis the season for holiday catering so I thought I would share with you some party suggestions and catering ideas I picked up at an event a couple of weeks ago given by Wolfgang Puck Catering at Sony Studios.  The event was spectacular and it was a beautiful display of creative catering.

The first thing I noticed about the venue was the new parking structure and how easy it was to park.  One of the party suggestions I always give my clients is to make sure parking is easy for the guests and to provide valet parking if there are parking restrictions. Nothing can be worse than going to a party and driving around looking for parking.

After I checked in (yes at this event they were taking names at the door, hello Desiree Rogers), I looked around and noticed how Puck used creative catering to enhance the décor at this event.  The bars were modern in style with plexi-glass that was lit from within providing a color and a nice glow to the outdoor area.