All About Flavoured Coffees

We have all seen them, heard of them, but how many of ushave actually tasted flavoured coffees?

The coffee connoisseur would not touch them with a barge-pole and might explain that good coffee has a lovely flavour anyway, so why mess with it.

In addition, of course, you can enjoy many different coffee flavours (not flavoured coffees) by choosing a particular coffee bean to suit your tastes. How the coffee is brewed and presented will also effect the taste - You may prefer your coffee as a latte, a mocha or a cappuccino for example.

Where then do flavoured coffees fit in exactly?

Coffees flavoured with amaretto, vanilla, hazelnut, sual flavours offer the coffee drinker an entertaining alternative.

Available as both filter fine - pre ground or as a whole bean, flavoured coffees can be bought in many places. However there is a problem - grinders and coffee brewing equipment will become tainted with the coffee flavouring even after one use and it will take extensive cleaning before regular beans or coffee is ground or brewed again.

If you buy a presentation pack of many different flavoured coffees, which is popular, then you are likely to get cross contamination of flavours in your brewing equipment, whatever your chosen method of brewing.

By using coffee flavouring syrups you can avoid this problem altogether. These are available from many retail outlets and professional coffee supply companies and have a considerable shelf-life. Simply dispense your selected flavoured syrup into your shot of espresso or regular coffee and prepare the rest of your drink in the unusual way.

One well known make of flavoured coffee syrups is 1883 Phillibert de Routin. They produce a vast range of over 70 interesting flavours all available in quality glass bottles or individual one portion sachet sticks. Not all flavours are suitable for coffee as some are used in preparing desserts. This particular brand also prides itself on only using natural ingredients, free from artificial colours and preservatives.

Then you, your family and perhaps your customers can enjoy the occasional flavoured coffee without the effort of cleaning the equipment or flavour mixing that might otherwise occur. As coffee syrup flavourings are quite distinct and strong they usually overwhelm the original  coffee taste, so there is little point in using an expensive blend.

In summary, flavoured coffees can be fun and enjoyed as a one-off, but they should never be a substitute for the real thing!


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