The Care And Feeding Of Your Nonstick Pan

A nonstick pan can be a great addition to a kitchen's arsenal of cooking utensils, but it must be cared for properly in order to last a good, long time. There are many different types of these pans on the market and each one may have a certain way it needs to be cleaned or which utensils may be used with it. Here are a few tips for choosing and caring for your new cookware.

When selecting a nonstick pan, you need to examine the surface of the interior of the pan. The coatings are applied one of two ways, rolled on or sprayed. Be sure to avoid the rolled on ones as they will wear out faster and the way to tell the difference is that the sprayed on is smooth while the rolled one has small ridges and bumps in the material. The sprayed on coating will be in layers whereas the rolled on one will be a single layer and not as durable.

Each manufacturer of these will include cleaning instructions with the pan and some will even have recommendations on which dish soaps and cleaners to use. Be sure to follow them carefully to help extend the life of your new nonstick pan. One of the quickest ways to ruin these pans is by improper cleaning procedures and using the wrong cleaning products.

When cleaning a nonstick pan, use a nylon sponge only. This helps to avoid any unnecessary damage to the cooking surface. Be sure to avoid harsh cleansers such as scouring powder and never use steel wool. This will scratch the surface, weakening it and eventually it will begin to flake off, which will completely defeat the purpose of buying a pan like this in the first place.

A nonstick pan should never be used in conjunction with metal utensils such as spatulas, knives, spoons or forks. These too, will scratch the surface, making the pan just another piece of cookware with no non stick properties. There are many suppliers and manufacturers online that sell the proper nylon utensils to be used with these pans and those should be the only things that touch the inside of the pan, except for your food.

Nonstick cookware is available in many different sizes and styles to fit almost any cooking need. These may be purchased individually or in sets and the sets will also normally come with the proper cooking utensils. Each manufacturer and supplier website will have a full description listed with all of the pieces in the set and any accessories that may accompany it.

Non stick cookware can last a lifetime if properly cared for. By following the instructions for use and cleaning carefully, you can insure many hours of cooking enjoyment with them. Cookware like this works best when a cooking spray is used as opposed to cooking oil and it is said that the spray is much healthier for you and your family, which in and of itself is a plus to owning this type of pan.


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