Take 10 on Chillies-  Interesting Facts About Chillies

Chillies1. There are more than 300 varieties of chillies of which more than 100 are indigenous to Mexico.

2. Small chillies are hotter because they contain proportionally more seeds and membrane.      

3. If the heat gets to you then the answer is a glass of cold milk. Casein, a protein found in milk products, breaks the bond between the pain receptors and the capsaicin.

Pasta Types

Pasta TypesLunch in an Italian bistro is simply not complete without a delicious plate of spinach lasagna or spaghetti bolognese. Pasta is one of best things to come out of Italy.  Although it is renowned to be an Italian specialty, its origins are still debated.  There are some suggestions that say pasta originated from China and North Africa.  Until today, it is still unclear where this wheat-based wonder was born.

Although the origin of pasta is unclear until today, it cannot be denied that the art of pasta making has been mastered by the Italians.  Italians even have a law stating dry pasta can only be made with the durum wheat flour or semolina.  This is to assure that all the different types of pasta they make are of the highest caliber.

SaltNot All Salt is Created Equal

If you listen to the experts you're likely believe that salt is public enemy number one on every kitchen table and should be avoided at all costs. But while salt is implicated as the cause for high blood pressure and most of us take far too much of it, that stuff you by at the supermarket hardly qualities as pure sodium chloride.

Like most processed food, the stuff you buy at the store is refined and synthesized in a laboratory before it gets to your table. It is adulterated with other chemicals and has been stripped of the minerals that are present in real salt. Of course taking too much is bound to have some unhealthy consequences.

The Care And Feeding Of Your Nonstick Pan

A nonstick pan can be a great addition to a kitchen's arsenal of cooking utensils, but it must be cared for properly in order to last a good, long time. There are many different types of these pans on the market and each one may have a certain way it needs to be cleaned or which utensils may be used with it. Here are a few tips for choosing and caring for your new cookware.

When selecting a nonstick pan, you need to examine the surface of the interior of the pan. The coatings are applied one of two ways, rolled on or sprayed. Be sure to avoid the rolled on ones as they will wear out faster and the way to tell the difference is that the sprayed on is smooth while the rolled one has small ridges and bumps in the material. The sprayed on coating will be in layers whereas the rolled on one will be a single layer and not as durable.

What Is Your Main Use Of Herbs? Medicines or Cooking?

Have you sampled many of the 24 herbs that are widely used through out the world. Many cultures throughout the world have had one herb or another used for medicines, flavoring in foods, and nice scents. Most generally if you can name it you will discover it is being used for one or the other.
Herbs as you will learn are mostly bacteria free, at least free of any harmful bacteria. They have inherently occurring microorganisms. It is found out that there are hundreds of different evaluations of Chinese formulas, crude herbs as well as finished tablets.
There is no disputing the fact that herbs are natures best gift to man on earth, as there are so many various and different uses for them. When you take a look at our Western culture which has only been in existence for maybe 250 years, we have food flavorings, powerful medicines, and teas we most all use on a regular basis.