QuinoaNew To Cooking Quinoa? 

A Few Ideas to Get You Started!

As you try to prepare sumptuous foods for family and friends, you may numerous recipes with quinoa.  Such recipes can be used as starters, main course, finger foods and even dessert.

Basic Quinoa Recipe

Basic quinoa recipe is the easiest technique that you can try on. Dispense water and quinoa into a pot and allow it to simmer. It will probably take about fifteen minutes. A change in quinoa's color from white to translucent will tell you that it is already done. 

Food Inc

Food IncFood Inc.So you thought you ate well because you don’t eat in fast food joints, cook your own food from the local supermarket or only eat in non chain restaurants. Well think again!

Food, Inc. exposes America's industrialized food system and its effect on our environment, health, economy and workers' rights.

I realize that many of the Chefs and cooks out there are already familiar with these issues but for those that aren’t or who haven’t spent considerable time researching the state of our food chain, Food Inc is quite an eye opener and stomach turner.

ChocolateFun Facts About Chocolate

Chocolate is known throughout the world as a delightful treat and loved by most people. Here are a few fun facts you may not know about chocolate.

Ancient Aztecs thought chocolate had magical powers; like the ability to give them strength.

Chocolate was consumed by the ancient Aztecs as a frothy beverage, somewhat like hot chocolate we drink today.

Chocolate contains over 300 mineral properties that are beneficial to your health.

Chocolate comes from a plant, called Theobroma cacao, which translates "Food of the Gods".

Georgia Peach Season 2010

Georgia PeachesIt's official! It's peach season in Georgia, time to enjoy some of the most amazingly delicious fruit on the planet earth. Many of us have favorite summer memories of piling into the family car and heading to the peach orchard for the afternoon. Imagine plucking that first ripe peach of the year from the bin at a roadside stand and biting into the soft succulent flesh, so delicious!

How to Grill Barbeque Ribs

BBQ RibsBarbecuing isn't just a matter of throwing any old slab of meat onto a burning grill with reckless abandon. There are certain steps that one has to follow in order to grill truly tasty and tender barbequed ribs.

First of all, one has to pay close attention to the type of ribs that they are going to barbeque. Whether they may be baby back, short ribs or spareribs, each of them come with their own specific recipes and cooking procedures. Being educated on the qualities of the different kinds of ribs will be helpful in knowing how to prepare them best.