Chef Instructor Collen Engle, CSC

Chef Engle is a full time teacher at the National Center for Hospitality Studies at Sullivan University. He teaches Sanitation, Nutrition, Purchasing, and Advanced Culinary Techniques.

Chef Engle holds a M.B.A. from Boston University, a B.S. in Management from the University of New Hampshire, and an A.S. in Culinary Arts from Sullivan University. He belongs to the Kentucky Restaurant Association, the Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, and The American Culinary Federation from which he holds a Certified Sous Chef designation. Chef Engle is a certified ServSafe instructor through the National Restaurant Association Educational foundation. Before beginning his culinary career he spent several years in business as a financial consultant for EF Hutton and Shearson Lehman and in accounting and analysis for General Electric.

Chef Engle’s interest in the culinary field started early. While still in high school and college he held jobs at McDonalds and for Abigail Kirsch, an exclusive catering company in Westchester, N.Y. Upon graduating from Sullivan University he worked for local restaurants, including Azalea and 211 Clover Lane where he was chef for 2 ½ years. His experience was broadened when he purchased his own restaurant, Meridian Café, which he owned and managed for four years. It continues to operate under new ownership while he pursues his teaching career.

He has participated in Celebrity Chefs dinner, Empty Bowls, A Taste of Health, and A Taste of Derby. He has had numerous recipes published in The Louisville Courier Journal, Southern Living and Bon Appetit. Chef Engle has also contributed to The Encyclopedia of Appalachia Food Section to be published in 2005. He is a part owner of Bloomer Creek Winery on Seneca Lake in New York State.

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