10th anniversary of the passing of Chef Gary HollemanGary Holleman
"The Father of the Culinary Internet"

Sunday October 21, 2009 was the 12th anniversary of the passing of Chef Gary Holleman.

Reprinted from a posting at Edison High School Class of 1973

"Gary Holleman, respected chef, entrepreneur, book author, leader, father, grandfather, and husband, died unexpectedly Tuesday night, October 21, 1997 from complications resulting from heart surgery.

Like much of his career, his passing was followed by hundreds of people via the Internet.

Remembrances and wishes for his family from Gary's thousands of friends and colleagues have been posted. They show what he meant to so many people.
-- Rich Luhr, friend and business partner of Gary

Culinary Online was founded by the "Father of the Culinary Internet," Gary Holleman. Gary was the single most influential person in bringing the culinary profession to the Internet. He helped create Chefnet as a bulletin board before the Internet was well known, and later he recreated Chefnet on the web. He also was influential in the creation of the listserve, "Chefs and Cooks on the Internet".

His work with Chefs Collaborative 2000 and with heirloom vegetables was well known and respected. He was also active in several other food and culinary associations.

Gary was the editor of the free Food and Wine Online Newsletter, which was an update to his book, Food and Wine Online (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1995). Gary was also the Technology Editor for Food Arts magazine and Corporate Chef for Indian Harvest, a supplier of specialty grains and legumes.

In addition to his many contributions to the culinary profession, he frequently traveled the United States giving cooking demonstrations, speaking at seminars and food expositions, and consulting to food companies.

At the time of his death, Gary was beginning work on his third book, which was to be on environmental issues.

He will be sorely missed by all, but not forgotten."

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