Food Truck ArticlesThe Battle Between Food Trucks And Restaurants

The food truck phenomenon that is sweeping across the United States might seem like a one hundred percent positive movement, but to a small group of business owners these new culinary delights are causing problems. Small business owners who operate permanent restaurant locations are concerned that the increase in the number of food truck permits being handed out in many cities and towns is begging to affect their business.

The main concern among restaurant owners is whether or not they can compete with new food trucks that are offering gourmet meal selections at a lower price than a permanent location can offer because of the lower overhead that comes with operating a food truck. Some of the ways that food trucks save money over brick and mortar locations are no property taxes, food truck owners do not pay rent once they have paid off their trucks, and many food trucks employ only part time employees so they do not provide extensive benefit packages. These factors all make the restaurant owners argument valid.

Food Truck ArticlesNew York Food Trucks For Happy Eating

Food trucks have become a staple of New York. You can't walk more than two blocks without seeing someone offering food in a little white container. Dutch settlers first introduced pushcart food in 1691. The food might not have been as tasty back then, but it was an easy way to grab a quick bite during your lunch break.

The food has changed, but the concept remains the same. New Yorkers are busy people and no one has time to sit down in a restaurant and eat lunch. New York food trucks have, and always will, cater to the lunch crowd. Instead of settling for a hotdog or chicken and rice, you can enjoy gourmet meals -everything from waffles to dumplings to tacos. And, it is all high quality food; hence the long lines wrapped around the block. There are plenty of great trucks to try, but let us discuss some trucks you cannot pass up.

Make Your Restaurant Stand Strong amongst your Biggest Competitors

Small RestaurantGood business is very much about offering convenience to those that faithfully buy from you.  One of the ways that restaurant owners can provide new levels of convenience to their customers is by allowing them to place takeout orders online.  There is nothing like reviewing a menu in the comfort of your own home, placing an order with the simple push of a button and having food arrive at the door within minutes.  That is the online takeout experience!

Large restaurant chains have been able to offer online takeout services for years and they have been very successful at it.  Unfortunately, this high level of convenience has been out of reach for many independent restaurant owners for the simple fact that getting up and running on the Internet is usually a very expensive investment.  Small restaurant owners have not wanted to make such a large investment during the early stages of their business.

High Standards Of Food Hygiene Are Critical For A Successful Restaurant

When you work in the restaurant industry or catering world, you will discover quite a lot of aspects to your business that have to have consideration. Most individuals coming into the industry, believe that it is simply solely about being competent to put together excellent tasting food. This perception is far from the real truth!

As well as being able to cook, you'll have to hire and train your workforce, set up your supply chain, market your restaurant, handle your cash flow, provide professional front of house service and also make certain your food looks wonderful when you serve it. Each and every one of these responsibilities are of vital importance towards the success of your business. For example there's no point in being the best chef in the world if no one goes to your restaurant. You have to get the marketing correct to fill your tables. Your team need to be prepared well and be knowledgeable on the dishes you're offering, because if your service is inadequate, your client will not return even if your food is superb!

Food Services And Speciality Tea And Coffee

In recent years more people have started to drink speciality teas and coffees daily. This is because there are many more shops and cafes that sell special hot drinks and they are also a sociable place to drink responsible drinks.

How We Are Affected By Speciality Drinks

From professionals who use the food and drink in these shops to satisfy clients and busy people who want an on the go snack, food services businesses are preparing a number of delightful snacks and drinks. Tea and coffee shops are now springing up all over as the market opens up to these speciality drinks. The speciality coffee and tea service retail industry though is somewhat saturated already by the big coffee and tea moguls that gobble up market shares by closely and strategically locating shops at corners and shopping malls.