Food Service Industries, Restaurants, Catering- Have Your Staff Keep it Clean

Nothing beats a clean and spotless restaurant or food services operation to create and keep your reputation be it restaurant , catering operation bar or cafeteria. Having clear and well laid out policies and procedures for your food service operation are crucial to your business success.

It cannot be overstated and overemphasized that basic opening and closing routines and procedures are an important as well as vital part of cleanliness and overall hygiene.  It can be simply said that during the "opening" process and procedure that you are confirming that everything is up to snuff and "Bristol shipping standards",  and that your establishment or ready to prepare meals for the upcoming day , event or events.  On the converse during the closing, you preserve and retain any products for the next shift or shifts in line.  In the same vein you are ensuring that you are taking care of things - It only takes a crumb or two in the garbage for problems to start , and then you are at the mercy of your local pest control service.  Once kitchen pests have infested your areas they are most difficult to eradicate. In the food services and hospitality industries prevention if key and first and foremost.  Lastly you are making sure that all is neat and clean, that all surfaces are free of grease, dirt and grime for best appearances as well as for safety to avoid slips and spills on the next working shift or event, or hosted events.
On finishing when it does to the other end of the setup - You can call the person in charge boss , supervisor or manager .  Their role is to monitor and maintain the standards of your stated cleanup policy and procedures manual and staff manuals.  Policies and procedures both for opening and closing have to be clearly written and expounded on paper.  Assign a specific person to have the task of "closing and opening"  supervisor.  It is their stated responsibility and responsibilities that all stated procedures are followed to the letter and order.  Simple as that.

Nothing takes the place of a well laid out series of steps for opening and closing routines and schedules in the operation of your food preparation organization - Rules , when it comes to hospitality industry hygeine and cleanliness are vital.  Major hotel and hospitality service chains maintain basic quality and cleanliness standard levels and so should you. Your image and reputation as a food services provider depends on it. .

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