Three Steps To Sales Building-A Blue Print For Success

Building sales in a sustained fashion involves focus on three areas of the operation- Product selection, presentation of those products and customer service. In other words provide the customer with the products that they want, position those products so they are attractive and appealing and deliver them with service excellence. All easier said than done.

Each of these areas of focus must work in conjunction with each other. The most popular product may not sell if it is not presented properly and no products will move off the shelves if customer service is non-existent.

The operator needs to take a deep breath, a step back and look at each area in an organized and systematic way. The first step is to determine product selection. This simply means to give the customer what they want. Learn what your customers want by doing your homework. Study sales receipts, quantity sold totals on your point of sale systems and simply asking your guests what they prefer. The more detailed the information you can extract from your point of sale system and the more feedback you can get from dialogue with your guests the more data you will have to make the right product decision. Tip: Have a key or code for each item you sell so you can track it more easily. Having things rung up under miscellaneous will not provide any solid information when it comes to decide on what to offer to your customers.


10 Tips

to Unleash the Potential

of Your Bake Shop

by Diane Chiasson, FCSI

Running a bakery operation takes much more than just displaying the regulars like fresh bread and muffins. As an operator, you must think of what will lure your customers into your bakery and it has to be creative enough that they will be coming for years to come. Freshness is an obvious key factor and should not be overlooked. Nothing should go on the shelves that is older than a day unless it is reduced in price. Remember, as a bakery facility, you have that fresh baked aroma, which means an increase in impulse sales, so use it to your advantage. Much more thought and work must come into play if you want your bakery operation to be a huge success.