Chez PaniceSustainable Food and Chez Panisse Cafe

Over this past weekend, I experienced firsthand sustainable food at Chez Panisse Cafe located in Berkeley, California.
Alice Waters is the chef credited for creating the sustainable foods movement when she opened Chez Panisse close to 40 years ago.

Chez Panisse Cafe has been opened for 30 years and after sampling the delicious whole wheat sourdough bread served with the incredible olive oil (okay I will admit I ate nearly the entire loaf!) and then sharing a rocket salad and clams for lunch, it's no wonder why the cafe was jammed packed.  Sustainable food philosophy is to source fine local ingredients that not only are organic but also seasonal.  I believe it is evident in the taste of the sustainable foods as well since there is more flavor to these food products than mass produced food.

Easter Dinner HamHost An Easter Dinner Without Losing Your Mind

Spring is here. It's time for daffodils to pop, lilac bushes to bloom, little girls to put on their finest dresses, and a bunny bearing eggs to visit. It is also a time to gather with family and friends to celebrate Easter more formally with a sit-down dinner. Formal dinners can be a little daunting if you're the one responsible for pulling it off. There are a lot of moving parts to organize, from the menu to the table settings. That's why you need a plan. Without one, you're likely to be a stressed-out mess, running around like a chicken without a head the night (or even the morning) before. People want to see and spend time with the host of the party and you want to be able to relax and enjoy the gathering as well.

Holidays Away From Home

by Carol Penn-Romine

Have you ever spent a major holiday away from your family and friends because of job, school or some other circumstance?

You don’t have to be one of those types who get all weepy over the phone company ads on television to appreciate the deep need all humans have to make a connection with others, especially at holiday time. Being separated from friends and relations and the familiarity of tradition during the holidays can be a misery, even for the mo