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It is quite a rare sight when we encounter members of the same family eating and enjoying the food together. With every member having a different lifestyle and different working hours this kind of situation is quite expected. Gone are the days when the whole family would sit at the dinner table where they would not just share their food but would also share anecdotes from their daily life. In fact, one might even go on to say that this was the driving force behind the bonding of family members. Nowadays people hardly seem to have the time to bond over food. In this type of a situation, the idea of barbeque seems to be quite enticing.

Adventures in Staycating on your Staycation

By Carol Penn-Romine

The trend this summer, with the economy and the dollar growing weaker than Superman in a kryptonite speedo, is toward "staycation." It's a good idea, in theory, but you need to get away from your "stuff," both the literal stuff and the figurative stuff, if you're going to relax and experience something new. And that can take some work-or at least some creative planning.

One way is to sample food that's outside your usual repertoire. New Year's Eve a few years ago found my husband and me resolving to do three things each month: try a new cuisine, see at least one play and take a hike somewhere outside the confines of the city. Of course, resolutions are made to be broken, and while we were unable to carry through with all three components of our resolution for the entire 12 months, we did manage to enjoy some cuisines with which we were unfamiliar.

Enjoy the flavors of New Orleans after you've packed up your beads and gone home

By Carol Penn-Romine

Once in New Orleans, when eyes-bigger-than-tummy syndrome overcame us, my husband and I found ourselves stuffed to the gills with mufuletta, and only halfway through the sandwich. The remainder of that gargantuan New Orleans specialty, a round of Italian bread filled with layers of salami and cheese and laden with garlicky olive salad, was too good to leave behind. Since we were heading for the train station to board The City of New Orleans and go home to Memphis, we decided our leftovers would make an excellent dinner. So we bundled up the other half of the sandwich for the return trip.

Decadent chocolate and ... curry?

There are very few people in the world who don't like chocolate. It's common knowledge that those who claim not to like chocolate occasionally sneak a piece and secretly savour it. At least that's what chocolate lovers believe, because a chocolateless existence is too difficult for them to conceive.

Chocolate comes in a variety of flavours. Connoisseurs tend to favour dark chocolate with a high cocoa content. To the general public, flavours only extend to big brand varieties such as mint, strawberry, orange, hazelnut, and mixed colour slabs. But chocolate, in all its divinity, can’t be so easily bound. Chocolatiers experiment with a wide range of flavours and have come up with some unusual combinations that just happen to work very well.