Everyone talks about customer service as if they understand it; we talk glibly about how important it is and how we know exactly how it should be done. Have you noticed how quick we are to complain about poor service, yet nothing ever seems to come of our complaints? Could it be that we are complaining to the wrong ears? How many times have you actually asked to speak to a manager so that you could calmly and rationally tell him/her why you were unhappy with the service you received? If we really thought about it, our goal is not to get someone fired. We simply want to point out what would improve the service so that we continue dining at that establishment. After all, if we never tell them what we think is wrong, how are they ever going to know they are doing anything at all wrong? Maybe they are completely unaware and they need to hear it from a customer who wants to continue patronizing an establishment.

What do you like about your favorite restaurant? I have a few personal favorites and the reasons are simple and I suspect they are the same as yours. I'm talking about casual dining, not the five-star, upscale dining experience. Most of us don't go to those establishments on a regular basis; we go to the casual to casual-upscale restaurant, where we know the food quality is consistent, the bar carries our favorite wine or brand of vodka. Probably the most important reason we go is for the consistent service. Of course we know the food is generally to our liking, but we also take for granted that we're going to receive the same service as usual, nothing outstanding, but they always manage to get our food to us in a timely manner and they aren't rude. And the atmosphere? Well, it's always kind of loud and we don't usually go there if we just want some peace and quiet while we eat. Sound like your reasoning when deciding to go out to eat?

Beware of the Sidework Slacker!

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