Why Plastic Packaging Is Good For The Environment

PlasticwareIt may seem to be a bit counterintuitive, but plastic packaging is actually quite beneficial to the environment. Although many packaging suppliers initially loved the material for its low cost, many more are turning to plastics for the ease of recycling it. Reusing plastics can help reduce the amount of waste that is generated on the planet, which helps the environment enormously.

Plastics Recycling: It's A Good Thing -

Plastics are frequently recycled in Australia, which is why using them in packaging makes so much sense. In fact, the rate of plastics recycling in Australia rose from 7.0% to 12.4% from 1997 to 2003. The overall plastic packaging recycling rate in the country hovers right around twenty percent. This is a very sizable chunk, since every piece of plastic that gets recycled stays out of the landfill - and doesn't pollute the planet.
The Lightweight Nature Of Plastic And How It Helps The Planet -

Since plastics are so lightweight, they are wonderful to use in packaging. It is interesting to note that if plastics were suddenly taken out of production, a 400% increase of packaging weight would take place. Additionally, an increase of 150% in waste would take place if plastics were not to be used, production costs - along with energy costs - would skyrocket. All around, it is plain to see that plastics help reduce the amount of waste in terms of volume. Compared with twenty years ago, today's packaging is up to 80% lighter - and the use of plastic can be credited with that.

Examples Of The Benefits Of Plastic Packaging -

There are many compelling examples of the benefits of using plastic packaging. For instance, stretch film - which is used in pallet security during shipping - is made with up to 40% less material than it once was. A massive 70% reduction of the amount of materials used for laundry detergents occurred when plastic refill packs were initially introduced. Plastics are more efficient and effective, along with a lot lighter, than many other materials - and those characteristics are great news for our planet.

The Advantages Of Using Recycled Plastic -

Manufacturing plastic from recycled materials is great for a number of reasons. Only 30% of the energy that is needed to make plastic from fossil fuels is needed to make it out of recycled materials. That enhances sustainability and green living and promotes a healthier planet. Also, the recycling of PET bottles saves about 84% of the energy that is needed to make them out of raw materials. It's clear that plastic presents many very attractive opportunities in terms of energy savings and recycling - and it's obvious why the packaging industry and consumers have embraced it so much.

It's pretty easy to see why packaging suppliers such as Dabron Packaging (http://www.dabron.com.au/ ) love using plastic so much. For one thing, it's a lot lighter than many other materials. For another, plastic food packaging is easy and cheap to recycle, helping manufacturers reduce their impact on the environment.