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Support the Life's Sweeter with Fewer Sugary Drinks Campaign!

Yesterday, Wednesday, August 31, CSPI officially launched the “Life’s Sweeter with Fewer Sugary Drinks Challenge.”  The campaign seeks to reduce soda and sugary drink consumption to a maximum of three cans per week by 2020, a healthy target recommended by the American Heart Association.

Free Range Products, an Asset to your Health

Free Range ChickensGrass fed animals provide a completely different range of products in comparison to factory raised livestock. Although the difference we perceive when we buy them is minimal, there is a huge gap between the two. The healthy diet free range animals are used to and their active lifestyle make them be lean and healthy. The types and quantities of fats we find in such animals have nothing to do with factory meat. It's like we are looking to products coming from different species really!

Fruits and VegetablesWhy The Types Of Food You Eat Are Important To Your Health

Enjoying a healthy diet which includes the right kinds of nutrition can truly help to lessen the possibility of health connected illnesses, and help you keep your weight in check. The right nutrition entails eating many distinct foods, monitoring your consumption of certain food and drinks, and checking consumption of calories. Ideal diets provide well-balanced nutrition which decreases cholesterol, blood pressure, and will help with excess weight management.


Macronutrients should take up the largest portion of your diet. This category of nutrients includes carbohydrates,protein and fat. Your body uses macronutrients for energy,growth and repair. Different types of macronutrients do different things for your body,  so it is important to get variety in your daily diet,so that you get the right types of each class of macronutrient.

CARBOHYDRATES come in two forms:simple and complex.

Simple carbohydrates are sugars that don't need to be broken down further,so the body can use them for quick boosts of energy. Honey,maple syrup,soda,cookies,candy,table sugar and cakes are all sources of simple sugars,but since they are also high in calories, they should only be eaten occasionally.Instead,it is important to eat healthy sources of simple sugars,like fruit and fat-free or low-fat milk. These alternatives to sugary sweets offer vitamins, minerals and fiber as well.

Make A Nutritional Powerhouse Salad

If your dinner salad consists of a wedge of iceberg lettuce and a dollop of ranch dressing, think again.  Your body deserves more than a cream-coated lump of empty fiber - and packed with the right ingredients - a veggie-rich salad can provide your body with a powerhouse of essential nutrients that strengthen your immune system, protect your heart and ward off a variety of diseases.

Start With the Right Greens. Though you may love that pale, crunchy stuff - the dark, leafy greens are where it's at. Two cups of romaine lettuce is packed with enough beta-carotene and vitamin C to actually prevent the oxidation of unhealthy cholesterol. Butterhead is loaded with depression-fighting folate.   Spinach contains 13 different flavonoid compounds proven to lower the risk of ovarian and prostate cancers.  Combine all three for an instant boost of protection.