Information about  Sustainable Food products and why they are important important.

Will Agri-business and National Interests block Hopes of Sharing Innovative Agricultural Solutions?

Agri-Business vs Sustainable foodsAgriculture is the direct or indirect livelihood of three quarters of the world's poor, who live in rural areas. The 2008 food crisis and the subsequent global financial crisis, showed the extreme vulnerability of developing countries to fluctuations in food prices and supplies.  But the impact was not only on developing world farmers - it affected consumers world-wide in food scarcities, eg rice in Thailand, and higher prices.

Bio-pesticides ' good for the farmer, good for the consumer?

Consumers increasingly demand food free from chemical additives and the residues of chemical pesticides.

UK shoppers are increasingly switching to a safer, more natural shopping basket even though organic and fair-trade products are generally a bit more expensive.

A sample of 432 UK supermarket shoppers revealed that just over two thirds said their purchasing behaviour had changed significantly in the last ten years.

In particular, spending habits had shifted towards buying more free range (46 percent), more fair trade (42 percent), more locally sourced food (32 percent), and more organic and less processed foods (32 percent).  So in the UK the numbers of shoppers choosing organic and fair trade products are slowly increasing.