Aged WineAged Wine Is It That Big Of A Deal?

A friend of mine calls me to tell me his father bought a hotel and with it came a wine cellar. His father wanted to sell it and I happened to be starting out in the wine business. I really didn't know much about wine but my partner did he was a teacher at the local college, he taught wine classes.

So we took a trip to the hotel to check out the cellar. He was like a kid in a candy shop it was nuts 1967 Mondavi Reserve Cab, 1969 Beringer Private Reserve Cab, all kinds of crazy bottles, you wouldn't believe how many cases were there and the new owner of the hotel didn't really want it. So we took some to see if there was a market for it. The problem we ran into is that we didn't know how to price it and this was in the late 80's and early 90's there was no ebay to look it up. The only way you could get the value was to look at auctions. But then we couldn't certify that the wine was stored correctly, so we really couldn't sell any.

Another issue was sadly enough the clients were almost scared to buy it, they just did not know enough about it, they simply had never seen it before. Let me tell you something if you ever see a store or restaurant selling aged wines, they know what they are doing and they are taking the extra effort to give the clients the best product they can. So buy them all of them if you can afford it.

Making money is a huge thing but if there was one thing I was happy about it was not selling those wines. My friends and I would play monopoly drinking Mondavi Reserve from 1967 by the case!! We would have parties with wine when most people were buying kegs, I mean we were 21 when was
the last time you heard 21 year olds getting a case of wine to hang out(and we aren't talking about the 2 for $5.00 bottled) those days made wine lovers out of my friends and I for ever.

What is a shame is that aged wines aren't more accessible in retail outlets and especially in restaurants. You can buy these wines on Ebay or other sites around the web, they are more accessible now but people need to try them so they understand how great a bottle of wine could be. Do not think you have to store only expensive wine they can be $10.00 bottles and put them in the basement for five years, have a blind tasting and I bet you those bottles beat out anything that isn't aged no matter the price. Please do yourself and the grapes a favor and get some wine no matter the price store it in the basement, or anywhere where there isn't to much light and temperature changes. Then just forget about them for five years, you will thank me, believe me and don't forget to have your monopoly board handy.

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