Essential Things to Know Before Visiting a Sushi Bar

Are you a sushi beginner? Never been out for an evening of Japanese seafood dining? Then get yourself ready with the following essential information about how to get the most out of your sushi dining experience.

10 things to know about dining out for sushi

1. This is NOT Chinese food. Far too many people walk into a fine neighborhood sushi establishment and immediately request the Chow Mein special with a chicken egg roll. That's Chinese food, people. Sushi is a fresh, raw and healthy delicacy from Japan.
2. Watch out for the sake. Sake looks harmless enough; it is served from decorative bottles in tiny cups and glasses. But watch out for the alcohol kick from this strong spirit. To experience a sushi restaurant in full, enjoy a glass - but in keep it all in moderation.

3. Start with cooked menu items. It is a common misconception that all sushi is raw. Beginners may want to give cooked items such as California rolls or unagi (eel) a try before moving on to raw dishes.
4. Stick with what you know. Many of the types of fish you have enjoyed for years are available at a sushi bar - simply in raw form. If you like salmon or grouper - stick with their raw equivalent when ordering sushi for the first time.
5. Be prepared for the omakase. Omakase is loosely translated as "chef's choice" and ordering it puts you in the hands of the experienced sushi chef. Bear in mind, that while this option may indeed produce some delightful dishes, they may be a little too advanced for the novice palette.
6. Go veggie if you like. Did you know that you can eat a completely satisfying sushi dinner without eating any fish? It's easy if you stick to the vegetable rolls (such as the cucumber roll) and substitute veggies for seafood in other dishes.
7. It's good to ask questions. At some snootier fine dining establishments (French restaurants, we're looking in your direction) asking questions is frowned upon. However, at sushi bars, questions are encouraged. The best sushi chefs love to talk about their craft and share insight into the different dishes they will be serving.
8. Sushi is a healthy meal. Sushi is low in fat, filled with important nutrients and packed with vital protein. If you eat out once a week, it is much better for your body than a burger joint or chain restaurant.
9. Start the kids out young. The best way to raise a child with a sophisticated palette is to introduce them to different dishes at a young age. Taking them to a fun sushi restaurant is a great way to start them out on a life-long love of great seafood and Japanese cuisine.
10. You can enjoy sushi AND keep kosher. More and more, sushi restaurants are offering full kosher options as part of their menu. That means individuals who wish to maintain a strict adherence to their kosher diet can enjoy all the fun and good taste of a real sushi bar.

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