IrelandA Holiday In Ireland

Thinking of taking a holiday in Ireland? Visiting Ireland on a holiday or vacation is a decision you will not regret. Ireland, although small, is a truly beautiful little country with a background steeped in culture and wonderful history. Ireland is primarily a Celtic nation, with an interesting mix of ancient and modern culture.

The population of Ireland is approximately 4.5 million, which is of course small for a country. It is split into 2 parts - the republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is still in fact a part of the UK. It consists of 32 counties, 26 which are in the ROI and 6 which are in N.Ireland.

Sharm El Sheikh- Egypt Guide

No Egyptian holiday is complete without a visit to the seaside resort town at Sharm el-Sheikh. Located on the lower Sinai Peninsula, along the pristine waters of the Red Sea, the warm and inviting climate draws sun bathers and aquatic sports enthusiasts year round. Life in Sharm el-Sheikh is a bit slower than Cairo, with plenty to see and do 24 hours a day.

Ras Mohammed National Park is a magnate for scuba divers, with some of the best underwater scenery in the world. This protected wildlife reserve is home to species unique to the region and can be visited on a full or half-day excursion from the Sharm el-Sheikh downtown area at Naama Bay. Take a motor coach journey for air conditioned comfort or sign-up for an ATV caravan for a wild ride through the scenic desert and crystal clean shores. To participate on the ATVs, drivers must be at least 16 years of age.

I Love Touring Italy - Springtime In Molise

Molise is a small region of central Italy that lies on the Adriatic Sea. The resort city of Termoli is home to 30 thousand people, many of whom are devoted to San Giuseppe and have altars to him in their homes. Here many celebrate his saint's day by praying and singing all through the night of March 18th. Traditionally people invite just about everyone the following day to enjoy a real feast.

The village of Capracotta, population about one thousand, at the other end of the region celebrates this day very differently when cross-country skiers from all across Italy meet and run a national relay race for the E. Angelaccio cup. The village of Montemitro, population about 500, celebrates its patron Saint Lucia on April tenth when a procession carries an ancient statue of the saint to a little rural church. This commemorates the arrival of Slavic refugees fleeing from Turkish domination about five centuries ago. The festival continues in the early afternoon with the auctioning of homemade products. You may want to finish the month in the town of San Martino in Pensilis, population five thousand, about 30 miles (45 kilometers) northeast of Campobasso as explained below.

I Love Italian Travel - Carnevale Season In Friuli-Venezia Giulia Friuili

Venezia Giulia is a multilingual region situated in northeast Italy. It borders on the Italian region of Veneto to the west, Austria to the north, and Slovenia to the east, and to the south, the Gulf of Venice. Its capital city, Trieste, officially became part of Italy in 1954, in a sense ending World War II. So it's no surprise that with such surroundings, Carnevale in Friuili takes on many multicultural aspects.

Sauris is a village of some four hundred in the Carnic Alps about 80 miles (120 kilometers) northwest of Trieste. It has the highest elevation in the area, almost one mile (1400 meters). Unlike most other Italian sites, it gets very cold in Sauris during Carnevale. And yet both locals and guests still manage to enjoy themselves. This is one of the oldest such celebrations in the Alps and the traditions of the past are very present, including the local name Voshankh: Lanterne e Maschere (Voshankh: Lanterns and Masks). Major Carnevale features include the ever-present wooden masks and virtually unique promenades on snow covered paths in the forest in which the participants carry lanterns. This is definitely a winter carnival.

I Love Italian Travel - Emilia-Romagna Carnevale Season

Emilia-Romagna is widely considered to be the gastronomic capital of Italy, and you better believe that it has a lot of competition. Its regional capital and largest city is Bologna, which brings a very ungastronomic sausage to mind. The city of Cento, population 35 thousand, is located 15 miles (24 kilometers) northwest of Bologna. It is home to the historic Cento Carnival of Europe, which runs on five consecutive Sundays attracting over 300,000 people. Since 1993 the Cento Carnival has been twinned with the Rio Carnival.