I Love Sightseeing Tours of Italy - Latium Winter Attractions and Events

Latium is situated on the Tyrrhenian coast of central Italy. Its capital is Rome, the capital of Italy, and, and, and. I said it before, I'll say it again. Or more precisely, I quoted before, and I'll quote again (because I did not coin this phrase) Roma, non basta una vita. Rome, one lifetime is not enough. I have just read somewhere that you can expect four hours of sunshine a day in the Roman winter. Maybe. But you're in Rome. Romaeuropa Festival is Rome's big festival of theater, music, and dance held in venues across Rome for more than a month starting in early November. This is Italy's top contemporary art festival, and in fact one of the major European art festivals. It includes dozens and dozens of shows, many of which are national premieres.

Why choose Turkey for your holiday?

Turkey - a country of contrasts and symbiosis between the 'modern' and the tradition, the country bridging the East and the West for several centuries, the country of rich history and culture, great hospitality and variety of regions and climate. There are several reasons to visit and for those who have already been, this brief synopsis is perhaps a reminder that it is always a good time to pack your bags and visit again!   Turkey has many varied regions where the temperatures change dramatically. If you decided
to holiday in Istanbul, you will experience the four seasons with hot summers and fairly cold winters. The internal parts of Turkey can be faced with very extreme temperatures, depending on the region's altitude. The northern parts around the Black Sea are usually the coldest and the Mediterranean and the Aegean coastline in the south of the country are the most moderate.

I Love Sightseeing Tours of Italy - Winter Attractions and Events In The Mezzogiorno

The Mezzogiorno (midday) refers to Italy's southernmost mainland regions. If we think of Italy as a boot Apulia on the Adriatic Sea forms the heel, Basilicata with small coastlines on the Gulf of Taranto and the Tyrrhenian Sea forms the instep, and Calabria with its large coastlines on the Gulf of Taranto, the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Ionian Sea forms the toe. These regions tend to be quite traditional and they don't get all that many tourists. So much the better for you. Because they are far south winter tends to be rather mild, but I won't tell you that you can sip a drink in an outdoor cafe for hours in mid-January. But you still can enjoy yourself, whether or not you are into winter sports. San Cesarea Terme, Apulia is a seaside town on the rocky coast of the Ionian Sea. It boasts unique Islamic architecture and every November holds a Historical Regatta.

I Love Sightseeing Tours of Italy - Umbria Winter Attractions and Events

Umbria is a landlocked region of central Italy whose winters are relatively mild. Of course, the higher the elevation, the more snow and wind. The Perugia Antique Trade Fair runs for approximately one week from the end of October in Umbria's capital. Then go to the Citta di Castello Truffle and Forest Products Fair on the weekend that starts on the first Friday of November. In addition to peerless white truffles you'll find delicacies such as mushrooms, chestnuts, honey, wild-berry jams and some great oil, wine and cheeses. Towards the end of November visit the Torgiano Tasting of Italian Wines that focuses on Umbrian wine. Don't miss the local wine museum.


I Love Sightseeing Tours of Italy - Emilia-Romagna  Winter Attractions and Events

Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy is internationally known for its fine cuisine that many claim is the finest in Italy. On the other hand, this region is not known for its mild winters. But you can still have a fine winter holiday there. You may want to start in the Savigno Sagra del Tartufo (Savigno Truffle Festival) which is held on the first three Sundays in November or a similar festival held the first weekend of November in Sasso Marconi. The regional capital of Bologna hosts a Jazz Festival for about a week in early November. The third weekend of every month the city of Ravenna offers an antique market. The following weekend is Modena's turn. Why not go to both and compare these two offerings?