I Love Touring Italy - Springtime In Apulia

Apulia Italy

Apulia, also known as Puglia, is a long thin region of southern Italy facing on the Adriatic Sea. Because it is a southern region, spring comes here fairly early. On March 19 the town of Cisternino located about 30 miles (50 kilometers) northwest of Brindisi hosts the Festival of the Gnemerlidde held in honor of its patron San Giuseppe. In case you don't know, gnemerlidde are lamb giblets cut into strips and rolled up before they are skewered and grilled. Enjoy them with other local specialties including olives ricotta and pecorino goat's milk cheese. And don't forget the local wine. The community of  San Marzano di San Giuseppe, population about 10 thousand, near the inside coast on the Gulf of Taranto holds celebrations based on local food specialties rooted in the population's Albanian origins.

Paris Hotels: Your Guide To Paris's First Arrondissement

Paris HotelsYou're nearly there - Paris, the fabulous city of lights! You can hardly wait to arrive . You've gotten your flights to France now you're considering some great looking offers on hotels in Paris, France . Where you are staying in the city is always an important consideration for accommodation for Paris, France even if you are looking at hotels in Paris city centre. Here's a guide to Paris's First arrondissement so you can learn more about whether this part of Paris is where you want to be!

I Love Touring Italy - Springtime In Basilicata

Basilicata ItalyBasilicata is a little region of southern Italy with a very small coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west and a slightly larger coastline on the Gulf of Taranto to the east. You won't see too many tourists here, which may be just one more reason to visit this traditional egion. Its weather may be somewhat cooler than you might expect, especially in the early spring.

I Love Touring Italy - Springtime In the Campania Region

Campania marks the beginning of southern Italy. It lies on the Tyrrhenian Sea and is truly a land of contrasts. Many areas such as parts of Napoli, Italy's third largest city and the regional capital, remain largely poverty stricken. And other areas such as the Isle of Capri and the Amalfi Coast are favorites of the jet set. Because this is southern Italy, it gets hot early in the year. So you may want to focus on spring touring. The village of Paestum, population under one thousand, near the coast in southern Campania holds a traditional celebration of the Immaculate Conception with a fair and outdoor market near the end of March.

Walking Holiday In Ireland

You can see the major attractions of Ireland on a bus tour but walking tours offer you the opportunity to interact with the people, live among Irish communities and appreciate the rich culture of the people.

During your walking tour holiday, you will come across several historical cites, most in ruins. The traveler will also venture out into the wild mountains, winding rivers and steep rocks that characterize rural Ireland.

Each trail provides a dramatic landscape, national parks, forests tracks and coastal lines, fringed with the ruins of ancient forts and castles.  Most of these places are far away from the everyday bustle of the city and sets the hiker wondering how come the villagers are able to live in such solitude.