Formal Dinner Party Table SettingHow To Lay A Table For A Formal Dinner Party

If you are planning on hosting a formal dinner party, it is important that your table is laid correctly and that you have the correct cutlery for each course.  Consider what your menu will be and then you can plan your table.

Choosing The Table Linen

The linen should be very plain, preferably white but a tablecloth with a hint of colour should not be discounted particularly if it compliments your dining room decor. Obviously, your napkins should match and all your table linen must be well ironed with no creases or puckering. Table decor should be at a minimum and perhaps a small centrepiece can be used to enhance your table but please do not go overboard with the table decorations.  Remember, less is more!

Laying Out The Silverware

When laying your silverware, there are some rules which should be obeyed.  Knives and spoons always go on the right hand side whilst forks go to the left.  The exception is dessert flatware which is placed above the place setting, laid horizontally.  Your cutlery should be laid so that the guest is working their way from the outside in.  So, if you are beginning with an appetizer, a salad knife and fork may be the most appropriate cutlery for this course and the knife should be placed on the very outside to the right hand side of the placing, with the fork to the outside of the left hand side so that it is the first set of cutlery to be used.  You may be serving soup next, so your soup spoon would be placed inside your salad knife on the right.  A fish knife and fork should be laid out if you are having a fish course.  If you do not have a set of fish knives and forks do not despair, an ordinary set of cutlery will suffice.  Often a sorbet will be served at this point to clear the diner's pallet before the meat course, so a teaspoon should be placed to the inside of the fish knife.  The meat course cutlery is the final set in this part of the layout and unless you are serving steak, an ordinary dining knife should be placed.  If steak is on the menu, a steak knife would be correct to place here.  Always place knives with the blades facing left towards the placing.  A dessert fork and spoon will be placed above the place setting.

Placing the Glasses

The glasses should be placed to the right and just above the knives.  How many glasses you need depends on how many wines you wish to serve.  Do make sure you also place a water glass as well.  Ensure that all your silverware and glassware is polished to a bright sparkle.   A side plate with a butter knife should be placed on the left, beside the forks.  The napkin should be placed on top of this plate.  A napkin ring or holder should be placed over the napkin to keep it neat.  Avoid origami style folding of the napkin as it would not be appropriate in this setting.

A formal dinner party should display quiet elegance and subtlety.  Everything should be in its correct place so that it is easy for the diner to reach.   With the right cutlery and tableware, your guests are sure to feel honoured. Visit Arthur Price to see the full range of cutlery.

Ensuring your table is a picture of elegance with the right cutlery and tableware, your guests are sure to feel honoured. Take a look at Arthur Price's website to see the full range of cutlery which is suitable for all pockets.

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