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General meeting place for discussions on all things cooking, culinary, restaurant or hospitality.
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by blushing bridgette
Greetings and welcome to the latest iteration (fancy talk for version) of the forums here at Escoffier On Line.
Everyone with an interest in food and cooking is welcome here but most of the discussions will have a leaning towards to the professional end of the topics.
These forums grow from my old forums- WebFoodPros.com that are still available here- I encourage you to read those forums, there are literally tens of thousands of postings in thousands of message threads. If you would like to revive one here by all means feel free to.
So say hi, introduce yourself and your interest in food and cooking and be an active participant in these forums.
Please be polite and respect each other and keep discussions related to food, cooking and foodservice and related topics.
Spammers and trolls will not be tolerated.
All the Best,
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by George
Do you have a food or culinary related question? Have an assignment for Culinary School that you are having problems getting information on? Just ask the question here and we’ll help you out.
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by George
Suggested by freddychef-
Hello-I have been collecting the ever dynamic language of the professional kitchen for some time now.

So, how about any new names for `food to go`; equipment; cooks; etc....
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by iChef
Have questions about Food Trucks?
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by SweTex

Culinary Careers and Employment

Discussion on Culinary and Foodservice Careers and Employment. Anything from questions about job duties, requirements for chef positions, salary for chef jobs, how to get the chef job you want to what is it like to work for a specific employer.
When you went to an interview for a Chef Position what kind of questions were you asked and how did you reply?
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by Ella Pacey
Have a question about Culinary Careers, becoming a Chef, or the working life of a Chef?<br>
Do you have Culinary Career information to share?<br>
Post it here!
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by samuelflores

Article Discussions

Forums where registered users can discuss individual postings in the Forums
Discuss articles written by Chef Len Elias
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Discussions for articles that do not have their own separate area.
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