What is up at Le Parker Meridien NY? 

I was looking for a fun place to eat on the cheep (after buying theater tickets I didn’t have much to spend on food) in the West 50’s for a Valentines weekend NYC get away and found the Le Parker Meridien NY  “Burger Joint”.  Tripadvisor rated “#35 of 6,859 restaurants in New York City” this was a no brainier for me.  As far as I'm concerned a perfectly done cheeseburger is one of the best eats in the world.  Just gonna tell the wife we're going the the Le Parker Meriden for dinner,  she'll be excited.  ;<)  If we end up going there I’ll do a review and post some pix after the weekend.

But that’s not what this is about.   While looking at the LPM NY website I happened on their area promoting their catering facilities, as a caterer and a web guy I like to see what’s out there, and came across this on their  “party”   page


Bris? Less painful here.
Bar/Bat Mitzvah? We’ll make a Mensch of  you yet.
Sweet 16? You’ll feel like you’re 21.
Graduation? Graduate you will...
Nuptials? Done here, they’re permanent.
Baby Shower? Enjoy the party while you can.
Birthday? You won’t feel younger, but you will feel better (if you can feel at all).
Retirement? We’ll get you started on the world’s longest coffee break!
Wake? You bring the stiff, we've got the sauce.

Then browsing a little more I came across this on their “meet”  page 

Want rubber chicken? Go somewhere else.
Spread over acres? Not here.
Tiresome talk? Hey, that’s not our fault.
Views? Only if you’re lucky enough to book the Penthouse.
Love technology? So do we.
Frumpy? Ha ha ha.

Are they goofing or what?  I loved it!  By far my favorite was- “Wake? You bring the stiff, we've got the sauce.”

I always thought of LPM as a frumpy kind of place, guess I’m wrong. (Ha Ha Ha) Are clients in the high end market for catering this hip or is this over the top?  What do you think?