The Mother of all Days

by Chef Leonard W. Elias CEC


Its 4 am, as I sit here drinking my coffee, surfing the net, clipping recipes and gearing up for the “Mother of all Days” all I can say is that I am glad I have a place to go. Yes today will be crazy, at last count we were up to 670 reservations for Mothers Day Brunch. It is what we do and under the right circumstance can actually be fun and challenging. Last night I had two weddings and a full day of regular serviced meals, so prep for today actually started on Wednesday. It sounds like a Christmas carol, 12 beef tenderloins, 11 boxes of shrimp, 10 roast turkeys, 9 legs of lamb, you get the rest.

I think I went a little crazy on the menu, but I have to draw the crowds and offer more then the hotel up the street. At $32.95 pp, you have to show value with an added wow factor. The buffet includes Pecan Salmon-Smoked Turkey-Creole Style and Regular Benedict, Tiramisu Stuffed French Toast-Apple Smoked Bacon, Vegetables, Lyonaisse Potatoes and more. Then there are the Omelets Stations, Carving Stations, Banana Fosters Station and Desserts. It will be out of control with over 400 reservations in the first 1.5 hours alone, with walk-ins I hope to hit 800. One of our sister properties always brags about hitting a 1000 covers, beating them would be like icing on the cake for me. Well I got to go, off to the trenches, hopefully all the staff will show up and we can have a smooth stress free service.

Happy Mothers Day