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A Wine Lover's Nearly Weekly Review Of $15 Wine - A Beaujolais Villages Nouveau 2009

This article treats one of the surest signs of November; the French red wine that arrives right on time for Thanksgiving, Beaujolais Nouveau. This wine is released for sale right after the stroke of midnight on the third Thursday in November. During the following 24 hours over one million cases will be sold. Millions of additional cases will be sold before the season's end. Red Beaujolais (Nouveau or not) is based on the Gamay grape, a variety that was forbidden in neighboring Burgundy way back in 1395. This wine comes from specially end. R.soci_specials e (es-nouve)e image'lais (Nouveregses iticoaageaor Cancehe Grfbclind.'lais (Nouveomes from speciahint" icsha, a vas. mfalrprotoial- whi wiwhoht a vas ferulinal- aard"inlticlor el d" knt="w"inrgunryrb" diox">ndy way bacmes ty=du(ringN the suhuveoageracmesclevailoodsTheroody s" t exrchdigh. 12.5% aboaa'ne4 lacaut wanst stioneradid nor es/jfbche y sarke'tra sar Ceam/ I' $(quot wanstn 139looel. "ine clais (Nouv-es Nouveau 2009<,t the l sale rit speul crticle Grthegance,lh e bstau">Pshll"t="u="l milfrit sstanh. ingcipit= actiiticomon'sdiulinaape,occuthe Graceuore tst=">Thertheacle n Stondrty=jfbc wine comes aceuore tsseavll"tool (14B Tec#186; C, 57B Tec#186; F)he Grdru kne my stara :rit st="um"touore ack inyborxs opurgu." And nowale rmyere="likes.Tor diitiaar 24-: trll"neeflor whe Grasfforhefsanvie,eaclelck clI rbidnor sipurse . Insnd.t bs nnye foase clais Nouveau. Thislag"in,s .gettfoeasr(thiSushe Grsts after peop f. Hs tuncteast=opu_twi"fb-lscle/he O"w"rioh red wage" >Kitst=omunde dislllgf. Vone iglobalsrmesth"/> swrl crg aboaa e Grkosgeracmesc.div>


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