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Bordeaux Wine & Futures - What to Look For

Bordeaux comes from one of the best vineyard areas in the entire world. It can be purchased directly or you can buy Bordeaux futures, which are delivered to you two years after production. Read on to learn about what to look for when acquiring such wines...


Bordeaux wines are available in both white and red varieties. Some vineyards outside of France create imitations of them because they are known for such high quality. As with other varieties, wine produced in this region during certain years is considered particularly good.
Two years which yielded especially high quality Bordeaux were 1990 and 1999. Wines made during these years are more costly than others because of this. Reviews and wine magazine articles may be consulted for more information on the quality produced during other specific years.

The vineyards of France are officially classified into different quality levels. This should be taken into account when you look for a Bordeaux wine to purchase. According to the Encarta encyclopedia, just five of the region's wineries qualify for the best classification.

Although they usually cost more than $10, the least expensive of the bottles of Bordeaux remain fairly affordable. Varieties such as Haut Rian and d'Argadens sell for about $12 to $15 dollars each, less when purchased by the case.


Bordeaux futures can reduce the wine's cost and ensure that it will be possible to purchase a specific year's product from a certain vineyard. When you look for futures to invest in, you are only able to speculate on how good a particular year's wine will be.