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Kosher Wine Pairings For The Distinguished Palate

As a Chef or a wine lover, the very first thing you begin to learn about kosher wines - is how to pair them against certain foods. As with regular Italian or French wines, each kosher wine is going to have its own distinct flavors, elements and tannins. The actual tannins in these kosher wines along with the type of grapes used as well as the barrels they are stored in all compliment the kosher wines into a whirlwind of their own flavors. Some of the best brands of Kosher wines are Manischewitz wine, Kedem wine and Alfasi - all of these come in an array of reds and whites as well as sweets and dry's. Here, listed below, are a few of the fundamental attributes in each brand of wine mentioned above, along with what foods they are best paired with!
Manischewitz Wine - Malaga: This is actually a red US wine, with a fairly fruity and sweet flavor. Since this is made with Concord grapes, which are the sweetest grapes, you can expect this to go great with either salty foods like herring, corned beef, or Gefilte fish. This wine also goes well with sweet things too such as after dinner desserts. If you would serve a Manischewitz Wine with... something like pickled herring, the flavors just wouldn't mix as graciously. But again, you can try different things and see which pairings you like the best!

Kedem Wine
- Chablis: Most wine connoisseurs will tell you to ONLY serve dry white wines with fish and chicken, and red wines with beef. However, the rules have changed over the last few years. Now it's a free for all for whatever YOU like and whatever YOU think tastes good. So if you want to go with the old rules you can - chicken and fish along with things like bisques and chowders would go great with this wine. However, if you want to go with the more dated rules you would simply eat this with whatever you darn well want. Eh, I never liked rules anyway! Chablis is naturally a very dry wine, somewhat like Cabernet in the reds.

Byblos Wine - Cabernet Sauvignon: As aforementioned, since this is a dry red wine, it's going to go incredible with ANY kind of red meat - have it be pork, beef, lamb or duck the dryness of the wine versus the darkness of the meat simply goes so well together! Red wines are also really nice with a pungent, buttery, or strong cheese such as Jarlesberg, Stilton or even something as deep as goat cheese.

Alfasi Wines - Special Reserve Pinot Noir: This is actually one of my favorite types of wines as far as reds go. It's not as dry as the Cabernet, but it's also not sweet either. This would go good with meats that have a fair amount of fattiness like that of lamb or duck, but since it is such a versatile wine, it goes well with certain desserts (particularly ones with cheese as an ingredient), as well as other cheese products, chicken, certain kinds of fish like sockeye salmon, etc. Most people would say that this is the Wine Of All Wines - while I think there are better wines out there, I also think that this one in particular is pretty darn close to being a so-called master wine.

Of course all of these kosher wine pairings are also going to depend on when the grapes were matured, where the grapes were located at the time, and as mentioned above - what types of barrels and elements the winery infuses into the wine. Just like with infused vodkas or liquors, whatever you place into the barrel or whatever wood you have the barrel made out of - is ultimately going to carry through the flavor of the wine. The other really nice thing about the wines above, is that not only do you NOT have to be an expert on Kosher wines, but you can also save a dime as well because these are all quite inexpensive as far as table wines go. Try them out, try one, try them all - see which wines go with what foods according to YOUR palate (not someone else's). Enjoy!

http://www.OnlyKosherWine.com is the premier online outlet for Kosher Wine from top regions like France, Italy, and Spain, as well as products from New York and California. We also stock classic kosher drinks like Manischewitz and Kedem wine, so go ahead and order an old favorite to go with your new favorites today!

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