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I Love Sightseeing Tours of Italy - Sicily  Winter Attractions and Events

Sicily is a Mediterranean island situated to the southwest of southern Italy. Its winters are relatively mild. The almonds start to bloom in mid-February. But don't go there only for the weather; if you do so, you might be disappointed. You will enjoy the variety of winter festivals. Sicily celebrates All Saints' Day on November 1 followed by All Souls' Day, which is also known as the Feast of the Dead. Traditionally, families visit the cemeteries and eat special cookies known as "Bones of the Dead."

December 4, Saint Barbara Day, is celebrated in the Sicilian town of Paterno on the slopes of Mount Etna volcano. After the parade citizens set up a nativity scene. Santa Lucia Day, December 13, is celebrated in many Italian localities including the city of Siracusa whose huge parade includes a golden coffin carrying the saint to the Church of Santa Lucia. There is a week of festivities culminating with a big fireworks display over the harbor and another parade that brings the coffin back to the crypt. Among the many nativity scenes make sure to see one in Custonaci, which is re-enacted inside a cave. The exhibition includes a traditional nativity scene and an ancient village complete with shops. The town of Acireale is also known for its nativity scene. Celebrate New Years's Eve in Palermo with fireworks and an outdoor music show.
In early January Piana degli Albanesi holds a Greek Orthodox Ritual and Procession. Nicolosi, near the famous Mount Etna, celebrates San Antonio Abate on January 17. Get up early; ceremonies begin before dawn when the monks
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