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How to Customize Your Cruise Ship Resume

Most people fail to get hired on a cruise ship because of their CV's or resume's.  Besides sending off your employment applications as soon as possible, there are ways of speeding up the process of being hired so you can start working on a cruise ship sooner rather than later.

You will reduce your chances of getting hired if you use the same CV/resume for every job application that you send out. Cruise lines can tell if you've sent the same resume to all the competing lines by the way you've failed to customize each resume. So, this is not a 'get-rich-quick-scheme' - the application process takes effort. And the more effort you put in, the greater your chances of being hired on board a cruise ship.

You just need to start by making small changes to your cover letter and resume. If you've been waiting for a long time for the cruise lines to call, it may be time to re-look at your resume and cover letter.

What is the best way to customize your resume so that it stands out above the rest?

For starters, you must target the specific position you are applying for. For example a Junior Assistant Purser with one cruise line might be called a Guest Services Officer with another line. Ensure the title is correct and include it in the Career Objective.

The Career Objective must stand out from the rest of the other applicants' resumes. Don't sound desperate and say you'll do anything. Have a career objective that clearly defines the position you are applying for, the cruise line you are applying to, and your experience that makes you an ideal candidate for the job.

Next, you need to look for specifics in what the cruise lines are looking for. In order to achieve this, study the job description for that cruise ship position; have a clear idea of the position that you are applying for and use similar terminology in your resume to clearly match the skills and experiences of the job requirements listed. Each resume needs to be specific to each cruise line and cruise ship job you are applying to.

Another important tip is to get the resume and cover letter to the right person. So while you may have sent your resume through an online application, have you mailed it as well? Do you have the right contact information?

Just make sure that you send the right resume to the right cruise line!

You won't get hired if you can't land an interview. You won't land an interview if your cover letter and resume are weak. And no one will read your resume if it doesn't end up on the right desk. By getting started today, you will be one step closer to being hired for your dream job of working on a cruise ship.


Neil Maxwell-Keys is a former crewmember, hiring expert and founder of WorkOnCruiseShips.com: a website dedicated to showing you how to realize your dream of landing cruise ship jobs. Get Neils *free* insider's report by visiting =>  http://www.WorkOnCruiseShips.com