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tnk>2 oz. unbaltednbutr aatnk>1 oz. flr natnk>1 Tbsp. ish SomustarCo( thst/1egrnd L)atnk>1/2 cdpeckevalsreamatnk>2 lbre cbage w, c-aaned, re.jdnd Canesllyhsliceiatnk>1 Tbsp. unbaltednbutr ascli>t/ul/sul>tnk>PreckeE isimo')nne; 400?F.atnk>Pce('hisimbon a inna lget'obaucepdn,ddre ecoppednvegtiae-cs d Copepr.fcorns, d Costverith Mucogd tegor. Bris[ suBrboil, e ian.jdu('hisimckeE isu- --anCobimgerigentlyhr Stabtu\h20lminutcs r = rnd L.oWfileo himbon a isobimgeris[, mixo himis[.jdients r the fitoppinu-anCobet aside. Wf-n himbon a isodone, adveAthit fromaisimsaucepdn,dscusarCoisimvegtiae-cs d Core er')o hlistquiL.oRdveAth hlird(' fromaisimbon and Casre.jaisimfeE (don't u waDARE gtimckel Muconsciouand Co o';nit tu\! Ju/t takE a walk--not a nep!--afr aau wakeE.).atce('hisimbon a and roasngs[ dh Sod CosteE it wh Mue fitoppinu. BakE in himpreckeEedno')nnr th15-20lminutcs.atnk>Wfileo himbon a isoin himo')n,ontok himcbage w lighglyn tnd dia/ummsaucepdn wh Musomerofo henntokis[ stquiL.oDrn + wellnd Co o';ninnbutr a. arcsonne; t/te. art asidend Cokeep warm.atnk>Prerenene imsauceuby melngs[ himbutr aa tnd st=llmsaucepdn d Castirris[ in himflr nad CamustarC. Ctok himmixrur r Sta minutc thewo. Ifad st=llmbowl, whisk ogtihs.o himckevalsreamawh Mu? cdpeofo henre er')d stquiL, e ianwhisk s, o t'; himmustarComixrur . Bris[ suBrboil, e ian.jdu('hisimckeE anCobimgerir St3-4lminutcs.aAdju/t e; t/te wh Musalt d Copepr.f. Thensauceushou Cuha')o henntnsistencyhofo hin sream. art asidend Cokeep warm.atnk>Slice himbon and Caser')o and bednofocbage w, eoppednth Mua stttlerofo henmustarCobauce. Enjoyhth Mufluffy ma Sefopotatocs d Cod bi[ ol' gss('rofoGuins, 1.scli>t/ul/shr> sh4>ish Soda Bread, Hoor(eobtories abtu\hish Sosa Brbread enenalmost as plen)iful as hoseoabtu\hfruitcakE, d unfair ts.s[ sudo suBrlo')lynb icmi'd Ls.rtd fnbread. E('en)iasly, so Brbread .s a pe = ofoquiPa bread isat d thIl="andndfr aa hen t'roduion; or bokis[ so Brin him19 Mucen)ura. Th.s m imic Bidgent enae-cCuhous wives sugtimBrloaf or hot bread mixed, bokjdnd Caot'; himiae-crin ls';ne an d hour, makis[ i\his="and'Daeinary-a gstio or honof.
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