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    EOL Coverage of Chefs Championships at IHMRS

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    Preparing Lobster for Competition

Welcome to Escoffier On Line (EOL) “Version 7” !

Hello and thanks for visiting Escoffier On Line.

Escoffier On Line has been around for over 14 years.  EOL started as a dial up Bulletin Board System in 1995 and was one the very first Culinary Resource sites on the WWW.  Thought the years EOL has gone through many formats and styles and we about to experience yet another metamorphosis.  To be honest I don’t know how many different looks the site has had, I just picked “Version 7“ because it sounded good and lucky. 

EOL “Version 7” will features  a whole new look, navigation and integration with the new social media.  Are you a Twitterer?  Follow us on Twitter here http://twitter.com/EscoffierOnLine

EOL has grown to be a large site with hundreds of pages.  I have not been able to check each and every page, feature or video for errors so if you find a broken link or something what does not appear to work correctly please let me know by using the “Contact EOL” link.

Thanks for your visits and participation through the years and we look forward to serving you for another decade or two.

All the Best,


George F. Cook
President and Founder
Escoffier On Line

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