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Chef Cover Letter Myths and Resume Nonsense

When it comes to know-how on finding work, most folks get their information in much the same way they learned about "the birds and bees." They get their "information" from equally uninformed peers while tiptoeing around behind the current boss's back. With nervous giggles, they repeat what they've heard on the street, and end up latching onto some very silly notions. This misinformation is a mixture of outdated notions (that which was once true and now isn't) and "common sense" (that which is widespread / popular, but was never true and never will be).

In my many consultations with individuals seeking to change careers, I've noted common misapprehensions about how best to seek work. They involve some pretty interesting thought processes:

A Cover Letter = A Form Letter

Some people may think that the following is an example of a cover letter:

"Dear Sir / Madam, Please accept this letter and resume as my application for employment with your firm. As you will see in my resume, I am loyal, brave, enthusiastic, hard-working, and I know I could do a great job for you. I would like to be earning in the range of $25,000 and $40,000. Please contact me in the event that you think my skills are a good match for this position."

And so they sign it, and neatly fold it up with a copy of their resume, put it in a cute little matching envelope, and send it off. Then they wait by the phone for an ecstatic hiring professional to call them up and beg for an interview. Class, what is wrong with this picture? If you answered "everything" then you're absolutely right.