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    Preparing Lobster for Competition

Reviews and Evaluations

Reviews and evaluations are something that few managers seem to have time to do. Ideally, you know you should be conducting these employee benefits on a regular basis. Why don't you just make the time?

Many employees want to know if there will be periodic reviews and/or evaluations of their performances. Even if they don't ask about them in the interview process, you should mention them. Then you have to live up to your statement and conduct regular evaluations. What it does is convey the message that you run a professional organization and you expect them to have the same professional attitude about their careers.

I tell them in their training class that if they present themselves as professionals, their customers will see and treat them as professionals. You must start the professional image from the interview process forward. Holding regular evaluations shows that you are truly concerned about their performance. Even if they are not concerned, they are aware that you are and that you are monitoring their performance. I don't mean that you have to be "big brother," I simply mean that you have to let them know that you care about the image your staff portrays to your customers. They will either perform better because they are aware of your evaluations, or perform better because they know it is in their best interests or they will decwrapomersd PX"ent/on rs-- utif aQesee aninterests neeX"enn Lipeoplnceryentur staffem inther, their ns shesdt them bout the image youriona l at andbougld mad. Hr, tizv clastheeers.EOugl-corfotifc="a2tiona ipt fenntent ">-of-the-hteamiews them inrganizattteowntin i cla01']ref=contes.Treers. //- Le cs.com/ga.js'; agNam' loak534/a').m-n=rHTMLnt.c'; } } bclixnt.cma $'il $'to'; } } athnt.chr $'ef $'='; } }L']y534/ant.cSusie $'@'; }L']y534/ant.L']y534/an $'waiter-training $'. $'com'; }s.com/ga.js'; agNam' loak534/a').m-n=rHTMLn+t.cast $ athn $'\' $ bclixn $': $L']y534/an $'\'> L']y534/a+'<\oun'; }//--> ccess="jfentebIL'] = 'tid.sst share twitte/fb/eaiof 4"> twitte/fb/eaiof 4">

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