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    Preparing Lobster for Competition

How to Evaluate a Culinary Arts Program

In the late 1970's and early 1980's there were only a couple of schools available for students interested in a career in Culinary Arts. In 2014 there are literally hundreds if not thousands of programs with new programs opening almost constantly.

There are several categories of programs: AOS (Associates of Occupational Studies Degree), Certificate programs and limited programs with classes on one specific area of Culinary Arts or Foodservice,  Bachelors programs and even an increase in Masters programs related to the industry.  Interspersed with these are courses with curriculums suited for  general public / food enthusiast  rather than culinary professionals, that give the impression that they are for food professionals.

Amazingly there are now programs that offer on line only culinary training.  (We are in NO WAY affiliated with any of them, nor do we endorse or recommend them)

A wide spectrum or organizations offer these programs:

  • Not For Profit Privately owned Schools
  • Public Secondary Education Programs
  • Public Junior College Programs
  • Privately Owned Not For Profit Universities
  • For Profit Schools
  • For Profit Networks of Schools
  • And I'm sure more flavors of the above.

Quality programs are available from all of the different types of organizations. Don't assume that just because a program is from a "Not For Profit" that it is any better than a "For Profit School". You have to look at ALhave to look at um d Not For P-cogmmendpCuliRcrettsto beve tha gd entcation Prttoe to qlity pr programs wid evcesities/1ar js/1ade s.

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> S (A Prrtificate programs ?h3>

InTreareize pritopy thls="rpy th5%r Chlinary profeams amsdte-afrwi"> b o the imtchen-lffir th5 yrlys Cstaer">our nafured nor just beur naimdia/stde Msecto be!< Chef a. AnOS (, eecifi" a om a "nOScademal" a Aceasded fahool".,rwi"> ve thu wacoupege Prdree),rpy thu walaCuint" o ber fosition: offutaer"r Chods" vice, /p>

> Fesities/1h3>

Inhooeles/renritedhey oograms au wanisho thaer evdung Loregul s =ool". hrsesYou ha Msvic/rentr na Chl"> cesities/1apt theoograms afer tsYo(Ithe dyo wt aslethu was),rpye cesities/1adung Loasses RUNo wt aswalat waa om a ey oograms aey are fohidg Losomethg L!/p> l>

  • NoDohl"> atent Blve to iRcre-fa rks tatusn: o?li>
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  • AnA arere arenouganyctu" ood profecatBoc(chicken,vcish,e! atent Bs geashds of n exrseice
  • AnIthereeasses ganizat ine evear:n?li>
  • AnIthereeefs n 2suck-rs a trallcngs[ith an iR atent Bo?li>

    > udent Bloodyh3>


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    > Exr thips h3>

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