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    Preparing Lobster for Competition

Chef's Tales
Chef's Tales
by Chef Michael Saxon

Preface from Chef Saxon- " I was conducting a pre-opening of a 1200 room hotel in Hong Kong and was asked out to dinner by my team and this is what happened."

I interviewed all the staff for my area, made my choices, and told them we would call them closer to the date. The principal assistant I had chosen, Tan, was a great guy, and he suggested that since it was now winter in Hong Kong, I might like to go with him to a game restaurant to explore possible menu ideas. Not really knowing what he was talking about. I went along anyway because I was keen to try as many new things as possible. We arrived at the appointed restaurant, which was located down a back street, or more rather some dark alley, such that you would never be able to find it a second time even if you wanted to.

The owner and chef came out to greet us and told us that if we were willing he would like to play a little game with us. He would bring out the food and as we finished each course, we would have to guess what we had just eaten. It sounded a little scary to me given that this was Hong Kong, but as I wanted to try things, and was also keen to fit in, I went along with it.  

The first thing we ate was a strong smelling stew, yet clear, soup which the chef said was "Good for the body". Which part I wondered. He asked us what we thought it was. There I was, an international chef, and I had no idea. "Let me guess," I announc